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DeSForM 2023

Boundless: Aesthetics, Human Experience and Intelligence for the New Normal

The 12   International Conference on Design and Semantics of Form and Movement


5-7 July


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The role of design as a vital bridge between human interaction and technological innovation is increasingly evident as the world adapts to the new normal.  Formerly distinct boundaries between disciplines have been blurred as creatives and engineers embark on collective cutting edge endeavors.  DeSForM 2023- Boundless: Aesthetics, Human Experience and Intelligence for the New Normal - the 12  edition of the conference will present leading research that investigates the integration of aesthetics, functionality and advance technologies to enhance experiences, well-being, and business.

The conference aims to bring together researchers across disciplines to explore DeSForM’s theme via four key topics: Form, interactivity and the human experience; Fashion: processes, visualizations, artifacts and beyond; Innovation in product and service design; Wearables and alternative skins. The conference will explore how the pursuit of enhanced human experiences connect emergent disruptive technologies with artifacts, intangible services, intelligent systems and traditional skills; effectively creating a boundless space that brings together our spiritual, emotional, and physical selves with the external world.

In the new normal, users seek intuitive designs and services that enable them to transition between environments, intentions and timeframes, highlighting the need for integrated design and witnessing the acceleration of hybrid approaches in blended environments for practitioners. We will also discuss how designers can enhance the impact they have created through the adaptation and enhancement of design processes, and integration of creative thinking, artificial intelligence, novel technology and craftsmanship.

DeSForM 2023 invites professionals from academia, industry and the creative community to come together to collaborate and engage in active discussion, as well as to explore future opportunities and challenges.


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