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Call for Papers & Workshops

We will like to invite papers and workshop proposals on the following topics, details and important dates to be announced:

01/ Form, interactivity and the human experience

02/ Fashion: Process, Visualizations, Artifacts and Beyond

03/ Innovation in product and service design

04/ Wearables and alternative skins


Form, interactivity and the human experience

This conference theme focuses on exploring the relationship between tangible artifacts and their experiential function; each supporting the other to ensure seamless adoption by consumers.  How can form, materials and construction that involve precise considerations, together with advanced technology, contribute to the human experience? How can we move between the boundaries of three dimensional forms and two dimensional materials to mass customize products that are adapted to users’ needs? We welcome submissions that explore user-centered design methodologies incorporating interactive technologies, ergonomic investigations and inclusive practice that aim to enhance quality of life through design, development and customization of products and environments.


Fashion: Process, Visualizations, Artifacts and Beyond

While steeped in craft and heritage, the fashion industry is also highly progressive in leading creative innovations in the way we design, create, distribute and consume tangible products, augmented reality designs and non-tangible services. Contemporary consumers consider purchasing opportunities in both physical situations and virtual landscapes. The gap between fashion and digital technologies is closing fast and this has led to radical transformations in all facets of the industry; from fundamental creation through enhanced production to virtual presentations. The conference invites papers that investigate all aspects of fashion impacted by technology. The aim is to open up and explore new arenas in aesthetics, functionality, process, manufacturing and retailing, and how these contribute to a fashion eco-system that straddles both physical and digital realities.


Innovation in product and service design

The rapid development of digital technologies has brought about innovations that enable users to participate in the evolution of a wide variety of products during their entire lifecycles. This participation facilitates strong interaction between designers and customers. Such communication helps both industries and non-commercial organisations to mine invaluable sources of information, and in doing so has proved vital in innovative and sustainable product design. We seek contributions that advance our knowledge in theories, methods and artefacts for product and service design.


Wearables and alternative skins

Wearable tech and recent investigations into soft systems have shone new light in the area of alternative skins and interactive materials, enabling technology to gain closer contact with the physical body for aesthetic and functional purposes.  The market for wearable tech and alternative skin is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The miniaturization of components, the rise of IoT and advances in conductive materials and design structures, are all factors contributing to the improvement of usability and comfort. Designers are specialists in their fields, but the emergence of tech-enabled products and materials, has opened up myriad opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and application. We are seeing a seismic shift in the ways that designers create and the way in which users interact with conventionally passive products. The transcendence of distinct discipline areas has led to the creation of alternative platforms for communication, well-being and play. We invite submissions that explore new concepts, practices in development, emerging fabrication technologies and approaches that contribute to the design of wearables, materials and systems.

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